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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by trickystar 3 / 10


I watched 'Uninhabited' as part of a MIFF double-horror special at Nova, Melbourne. This was second on the bill after 'The Clinic', which itself was a slightly-below average movie.

The film is entirely set on a gorgeous entirely secluded remote island on the Great Barrier Reef. A couple are on a ten-day romantic escape to this island, and early on in their getaway mysterious and unexplained happenings commence.

I actually enjoyed the first portion of the movie, the building of mystery was handled reasonably well and I held some genuine curiosity towards what was happening on the island (being set on an island I was half expecting some kind of black smoke monster to appear at some stage!).

However this intrigue dissipated pretty quickly. The acting, particular of the male lead was noticeable pretty poor and the film struggled to create any meaningful suspense or horror. The only part of the film which managed to create any kinds of feeling of suspense was the remoteness of the setting, but this is fairly stock standard for the horror genre. The plot was very clichéd and very predictable.

Overall an uninspiring film which unfortunately didn't build on mystery created early on in the film.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 4 / 10

A Ghost Story that does not Scare

When Harry (Henry James) and his girlfriend Beth (Geraldine Hakewill) travel by boat with the sailor Jackson (Bob Baines) to one of the six hundred islands in the Northeast coast of Australia, they expect to camp along ten days alone in a desert paradisiacal place. However, they sooner find footprints on the sand and missing things in their camping and they believe that it is a child's prank that might be camping on the other side of the island. After an incident with two weird foreigners, the couple finds that a woman called Coral (Tasia Zalar) was raped and murdered one hundred years ago in that island and her ghost feels an intense hatred for men.

"Uninhabited" is a low-budget ghost story that unfortunately does not scare. The character Harry has the most inappropriate attitude with the two strangers and the performance of Henry James is not good. Geraldine Hakewill is beautiful and convincing, but the plot is too weak and does not help the young lead couple to have better performances. The impressive location in the introduction is a wonderful lost paradise. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "Paraíso do Medo" ("Paradise of the Fear")

Reviewed by jjlevo 1 / 10

Unscary and Uninteresting

I saw this one at the Melbourne International Film Festival double feature after the Clinic. As the other reviews have said, the setting for this film is great. Very nice scenery, the camera work is professional and really makes it seem like a high budget film. The lead female does well, but the male lead is horrible. It seems the audience hated him right from the start.

There are some elements that are interesting at the start, with some genuinely suspenseful moments. However, the film just goes downhill from there. The story is predictable and badly written. The apparent symbolism is a cop-out. And most importantly, the ending doesn't make sense.

Spoilers: Why did the girl step on a stone fish and become the new coral? She wasn't raped, she didn't seem to deserve it. I thought a lesson was being taught, however it just kept going. What is the point of this ending? If someone could answer this I would love to know.

In short, this movie is the worst film I have ever seen.

EDIT: Also, just in case people may have not noticed, the first review of this film is from THE DIRECTOR. PRETENDING TO BE AN AUDIENCE MEMBER. Just look at his user name. This is very poor form.

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